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Wildflower Meadows at Ness Gardens

Wildflower meadows in the UK are increasingly under threat and today cover only a tiny fraction of the area they once did. So when, a few years ago, the curators of Ness Botanic Gardens on The Wirral had the opportunity to re-purpose a large expanse of rugged land running down from the main garden to the banks of the River Dee, it was an easy decision to turn the area over to wildflowers and the ‘Wilder-Ness‘ project was born.

Wildfowers at Ness Gardens

As a result of the project a number of new wildlife habitats have been created, enabling the introduction of a wide range of wildflower varieties that were once a common sight in our meadows, marshes and hedgerows.  The local wildlife has given the Wilder-Ness area a huge ‘thumbs up’ too, with a notable increase in recorded species; two new butterfly species to Ness have been spotted already this year.

You can keep up with the latest wildlife sightings by following the Wilder-Ness blog.

Wildflower meadow photograph by Michael Turner
Taking in the wild view…



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