Summer has arrived in South Cumbria

Grassgarth village, Cumbria www.photogardener blog.com

Rambling through the delightful hill and dale scenery of the southern Lake District the other day I chanced upon the tiny hamlet of Grassgarth, near Ings, and this typical image of the English summer.

Whilst the east of the country is suffering rain and cold winds, the west is enjoying ‘flaming June’ in all its summer glory. The frothy, semi-natural vergeside planting and cosy-looking cottages set off by Clematis montana scrambling through the garden hedge made me feel that summer has well and truly arrived. The hot sunshine helped too! The question is (as ever)…will it last?

A simple iPhone shot – I tend to leave the SLR at home and travel light when I’m out walking with friends.

Plant Portraits

A spring jewel at Bodnant Gardens


Hidden amongst the spectacular blaze of late-spring colour created by the multitude of azaleas and rhododendrons at Bodnant Garden in North Wales you’ll find a lesser-known but equally impressive Oriental flowering shrub – the deciduous Enkianthus cernuus f. rubens. 

The rich red racemes of bell-shaped flowers are really quite stunning in close-up…

Beautiful red flowers of Enkianthus cernuus rubens www.photogardenerblog.com



Quick tip : the dense foliage above (out of shot) has created ‘top shade’ that reduces the light from above, improving the quality and direction of the light falling on the flowers.

Technical details : Nikon D300s, Sigma 17-70mm macro lens, 80th sec at f5.6. Note the effect of the background bokeh in the out of focus highlights.