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Michael Turner Photographer & Gardener www.photogardenerblog.com

To lots of people gardens are viewed as places of drudgery and physical toil, plagued by evil weeds and rogue lawns that have a party the moment their backs are turned. The calming world of nature, beautiful plants and inspirational garden design simply passes them by.

I must admit that I really enjoy the physical outdoor work involved in my day to day life as a gardener, and in a curious way gardening takes me back to my days as a junior racing cyclist: daily road training whatever the weather, followed by aching limbs and yet a real glow of satisfaction at the end of the day. A day out cycling – or gardening – certainly beats going to the gym!!

But there’s much more to gardening than sheer hard work. Even though I now spend much of my time planting up or maintaining gardens for my Garden Help clients, I also take the opportunity to visit other gardens on my travels whenever I can. And, as a pro photographer for over twenty five years prior to taking up gardening full time, I’ve also been known to carry a camera with me. When time allows (or the weather is being unfriendly) I post occasional photographs here on my Planting Ideas blog that I hope will inspire gardeners and non-gardeners alike to ‘see the garden in a different light’.

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Michael Turner Photogardener